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We will buy two old auto rickshaw and completely disassemble one to show all parts and Mark those which would be replaced with new parts for Make-in-ViWA Rickshaw. Other one would be actually fitted with kit and made available for trial.

In January 2019 there…

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Lithium Battries
Recycling of lithium batteries

We throw away lithium batteries of our mobile thereby losing a lithium resources for which India has no geological resources. With introduction of E-vehicle, much large quantity of lithium can be available for recycling particularly in view of the fact that such recycling can be done 5 times.

This important point raised by Mr Gharpure in Saturday, 23rd June 2018 meeting at MCCIA Pune.

Unfortunately the present technology for recycling is not only difficult but also not economical. It may be worthwhile taking up project of…

Replace all auto rickshaw in Pune by ViWA mobility solution

Target for ViWA is to replace ALL AUTORIKSHAWA in Pune by ViWA mobility solution. All those who can pick up responsibility for design, fabrication, regulatory compliance, logistics, public relations, mobility solution Development and  management, financial partnerships, Govt. liaison with RTO, central government, corporation, rickshaw unions, training, service centres, battery businesses, motor manufacturing companies, electronics, energy management, IOT devices, on-board services for ViWA customers, ViWA mobility as public…