Small Batch Quantity or Prototype SMD Assembly


SMD EMS using Pick & Place for even one PCB Futura Apsol Pvt. Ltd (FAPL), Pune offers SMD services (EMS) using pick and place machine for small batch quantities, starting from even one PCB. FAPL is an ISO9001-2015 certified company engaged in design, manufacturing electronic equipment's since 1988. FAPL has set up an EMS section with following processes and equipments
1. Printing: Manual, maximum PCB size: 300x300mm.
2. Pick & place: Automatic, maximum PCB size 350x400mm, smallest component 0201, smallest component pitch 10mil.
3. Reflow solder: Flat bed, temperature controlled.
4. BGA rework: PCB size: 300x300mm.
5. Visual inspection: Electronic magnifier, manual. 

1. SMD assembly using Pick and Place.
2. SMD assembly using Pick and Place, through hole component assembly, using hand soldering.
3. PCB assembly and “function” checking.

1. Complete PCB solution under one roof.
2. ROHS compliant, “No clean” assembly.
3. Technically experienced team.
4. Small batch quantities.
5. Rework station.
6. PCB of “Tube light” can be soldered.