Futura Apsol Pvt Ltd

Main Products
Cable / Wiring Harness Testers
Small Batch / Prototype SMD Assembly services
Flat Ribbon Cables FRC
Private Limited Company
Company Information

Futura Apsol Pvt Limited design, manufacture, market and service Cable / Wiring Harness Test Equipments and assembly guides, since 1994. Futura is in the field of Automatic Test Equipments; standard as well as customised. A few unique products are Label Data Storage for printing (LDSP), Gaugelink, Electronic Scarecrow, Intermittent Tester and a few others.

LDSP prints online labels on a shopfloor without a PC. It is used as a Pokayoke tool to prevent mistakes of a failed component put in pass bin.

Gaugelink connects Mitutoyo gauges directly to PC thus saving data entry and giving instant SPC analysis. Data can be captured in any application.

Electronic Scarecrow is for farmers to prevent crop damage by animals and birds.

Futura has reputation of being customer focused and always alert to customer triggers for improvement as well as developing new products.

Flat Ribbon Cables, tested for continuity is added to product list recently. Futura has pneumatic crimping machine to ensure that each crimp is of the same quality. Continuity is thoroughly checked.

Service information

Futura Apsol started Electronic Manufacturing Services for assembly of prototype, small batch SMD assembly of PCBs. The setup includes a manual printer, pick and place, reflow oven and a visual inspection unit.

Advantage is of small batch quantity or prototyping. Futura can cater to even 1 number quantity.

Futura can cater to complete PCB Assembly services along with functional checking.

Futura has expertise in making various special non-standard cables.


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