Recycling of lithium batteries

Lithium Battries
Recycling of lithium batteries

We throw away lithium batteries of our mobile thereby losing a lithium resources for which India has no geological resources. With introduction of E-vehicle, much large quantity of lithium can be available for recycling particularly in view of the fact that such recycling can be done 5 times.

This important point raised by Mr Gharpure in Saturday, 23rd June 2018 meeting at MCCIA Pune.

Unfortunately the present technology for recycling is not only difficult but also not economical. It may be worthwhile taking up project of developing economically viable lithium recycling technology on priority basis.

While, India neither has the technology of extracting lithium from geological sources available in Southern America and elsewhere nor the money, India can certainly recycle lithium thus overcoming to some extent lack of geological resource.  If this project can be taken up on priority basis, it means immense benefit of imports substitution.  

It is also a small / medium scale project and can be taken up all over the thereby country helping SMEs.

Vilas Rabde


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