Replace all auto rickshaw in Pune by ViWA mobility solution !

Replace all auto rickshaw in Pune by ViWA mobility solution

Target for ViWA is to replace ALL AUTORIKSHAWA in Pune by ViWA mobility solution. All those who can pick up responsibility for design, fabrication, regulatory compliance, logistics, public relations, mobility solution Development and  management, financial partnerships, Govt. liaison with RTO, central government, corporation, rickshaw unions, training, service centres, battery businesses, motor manufacturing companies, electronics, energy management, IOT devices, on-board services for ViWA customers, ViWA mobility as public safety and well-being monitor system by use of on board CCTV collecting images of city as they go along roads. 

Please select your area of contribution and discuss scope, costing, timeline, test setup required, delivery to whom in chain, supply expected from whom in chain and connect with others on both sides. When we have all pieces in this jigsaw puzzle ready then dreams can come true. Whatever it be, collect more members if you need anything.

Two most senior personalities Dr Gharpure ji and Mr Avinash Abhyankarji said that we must actually use brain and commitment and innovate innovatively to deliver time bound, cost bound, futuristic solution to mobility using ViWA that is electric vehicle.  So ViWA group is now getting ready to build committed eco system.

One of the key suggestion was to think of on-board energy harvesting from fuel, sun, wind, ups and downs on road, breaking events by regenerative braking whatever sources. Build capacitors which become the chassis and utilize surface area. Design lightweight structures using Development in aerospace vehicles. 

Build batteries and capacitor based rapid flexible bidirectional energy management system. Build batteries optimised for local drive cycles, for example for city or for hilly area, for good roads, bad roads. Learn to recycle battery materials and rebuild them.

Build machines to fabricate batteries and capacitors instead of needing imported machines. Use Local materials, knowledge, machines, needs, tools, rules, money to solve our problems. Tentative target for 400 kg payload, say 400 kg dead weight.

Example given by Mr. Abhyankarji, 100 kg milkman carrying almost 100kg milk containers on bicycle, using may be 60 watts average power of cruising. Rest is recoverable energy.

Global player setting up battery system manufacturing unit requires supply chain support for housing, liquid cooling, connector’s wires, containers, logistics, test and recycle systems to manage end of life process.

Some key indicators for battery system. If cost is about 400 USD per Kwhr about 200 USD is for cooling system and BMS. Great scope of value addition by non-chemical technology support
Liquid cooling and BMS needs to work together to take care of each cell as it ages and behaves differently in terms of power and temp during discharge and charge.

New technologies in cell will bring new needs.
Standard battery form factors are, Coin or Button at start of technology Development. CMET made 200 button cells, then pouches, and 18650 cylinder, then prismatic blocks.

I have a suggestion. Let's float a Private Limited Company with equity given to all stake holders who will participate in this total task.

Say there are 100 stake holders, we can have company with 1cr more capital with each stake holder investing Rs1lakh or more and may be rest can be debt.

I think with a strong commercial commitment from each stake holder the idea of ViWA MOBILITY SOLUTION will flourish fast and we will not miss the bus as Mr GHARPURE sir and Mr ABHYANKAR sir and RABADE sir mentioned.

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