Indonesia government- provide consignee’s/importer Tax ID & Cargo HS Code when submit the document

Submitted by mccia on Tue, 22/05/2018 - 09:49

Please be informed that Indonesia government under Ministry of Finance has announced regulation No. 158/PMK.04/2017, that will take effect on 23 May, 2018 (Based on vessel arrival date).

Basically the regulation oblige carrier to provide Consignee’s/Importer Tax ID Number & Cargo HS Code (first 4 digit) when submit the manifest/import document to port of authority/custom office.

All BLs have to indicate the following, as required by Indonesia Customs;

1.      Tax ID (can be obtained from consignee in Indonesia)

2.      First 4 digits of the HS code (description of goods).

NOTE: All consignees in Indonesia will have the TAX ID. Do not ship out if unavailable.

Also, for FCL (1MBL & 1HBL) shpt, we can’t adjust manifest at destination from 23.MAY.

So, Please check carefully before issue MBL & HBL.This is mandatory regulation and should be followed without fail .