IoT India Convention 2018

Submitted by YaShika on Mon, 22/10/2018 - 10:07

The Way Ahead: Enterprises and Career

Organised by Department of Electronics,YMCAUST and Emtech Foundation

With immense pleasure and gratification, I would like to share that the First edition of *IoT India Convention “The Way Ahead: Enterprises and Career”* to take place on October 26,2018 at *YMCA University of Science and Technology*.

This convention aims to bring together various wave makers, industries experts, regulatory authorities to share and discuss opportunities in the domain of IoT and Industry 4.0 for engineers.

IoT is creating a plethora of possibilities for businesses to get more efficient.  In this event, we are bridging the gap between academia and industries. Indeed, “IoT is proving to be a game-changer, and rightly so. What the future holds in IoT is simply beyond the comprehension of the human mind”.

Why Attend?

  • A diverse participation from over the country
  • Learn from the best of developers.
  • Make a new connection with expert and industry members.
  • Great exposure and opportunity to interact with expert and speakers.
  • Interactive panel discussions

During this event, Industry Experts will discuss:

  1. Introduction to the Internet of things
  2. IoT Genesis
  3. IoT and Industries
  4. IoT Ecosystem
  5. India and IoT Trend
  6. Upcoming opportunity in IoT
  7. IoT and Security

We hereby extend our warm welcome to you to join us as our *Delegate* at *IoT India Convention 2018.*