Summer Internship for E&TC students


We have  20 Third year students available for short internship from 29th May to 20th June and 22 BE students from 8th June to 7th July .

All these students would be pre-mentored by me about the electronics industrial processes and need to make best use of internship time for win win approach for industry as well as oneself. 

If you can kindly promise to take 2 students each for trying out such mentored internship approach, we would soon be able to create excellent engineering workforce for future growth . Please mention the type of process in workflow, you would like students to get exposed  at your place so that I can pre select and prepare them to work at your place. Please send details of workplace address where they will need to report and name and contact details of person to be the contact point . Please pass this on to others in your network and book the students before 1st May so that we get time to do preparation phase activities with students

Ashok Saraf