Most Business owners offer health benefits to workers because it gives them strategic advantage in hiring!

health benefits to workers

Report by: eHealth

Small Business survey results and analysis indicate following,

  • 66 percent business owners offer medical benefits to help them hire and retain the best employees
  • 43 percent feel a moral obligation to offer health benefits
  • 27 percent feel it is encourages productivity, while 26 offer benefits because employee couldn't afford coverage on their own
  • 11 percent offer coverage for the tax benefits available to them

Affordable monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs drive coverage choices

  • 34 percent of business choose a health plan primarily based on affordable premiums
  • 30 percent cite affordable copays and deductibles
  • 11 percent choose plan based on premiums their employees can afford
  • 10 percent say a strong network of medical providers is their top concern
  • 9 percent say that they are getting key medical benefits

Most small business think they offer competitive or superior health coverage

  • 43 percent say they believe in health insurance they offer employees is competitive with that of similar employers
  • 17 percent believe they offer better coverage than most similar employers
  • 14 percent believe their employees could easily find better coverage with comparable employers.


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