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A unique Blood Pressure Measuring Instrument which can be linked to your computer/ Laptop/Smart phone device, and you can check/know your Blood Pressure and the reading will be visible on your Computer/ Laptop/Android Smart phone screen.

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I have developed a Unique Blood Pressure

Measuring Instrument which can be linked to your computer/ Laptop/Smart phone device, and you can check/know your Blood Pressure and the reading will be visible on your Computer/ Laptop/Android Smart phone screen.

You have to put a cuff onto your arm & insert a attachment device into the port of your Computer/ Laptop and your Blood Pressure readings will be visible on to your computer/ Laptop/Android Phone .

The above stated product has been tested and used by (approximately 3500-4000 users & the number is growing by each passing day) Live users of diverse age groups, at different geographies and with medical practitioners. The results are not only encouraging but have build the trust ecosystem among the stated user base.

Features which i feel are important for the user

  • - Very Simple & Easy to operate and use.
  • - Unmatched accuracy.
  • - No bulky large space taken for usage and storing.
  • - Record & Store the Blood Pressure readings on your device.
  • - No external support required, do it yourself.
  • - Very Cost effective, Half the price of already available products in the market.
  • - No maintenance or recurring  costs Required.
Contact: Rajeev Shandillya, Email:

Reference No.: EOI/I&I/2018/0027
This is a Re-Advertisement of “EOI/I&I/2018/0027 - Hiring of CA firms for Management Audit of Third Party – ‘Training Partners’, opening date – 04th Sep 2018, Last date of proposal submission – 15th Sep 2018 which was extended for 2 days i.e 21st Sep 2018.

1. NSDC provides funding to the private sector enterprises, training & skill development organizations, industry bodies/ associations, social entrepreneurs and NGOs (hereinafter referred to as “Partners”) for building scalable & for‐profit vocational/ skills training initiatives and promoting innovative models in the skill development space. The financing initiatives
provide viability gap funding to private players through:

  • Loans
  • Equity
  • Grants

In order to fulfill its objectives, NSDC solicits and funds proposals that have sustainable business models catering to sectors with unmet needs serving high growth sectors, unorganized sectors or training to develop the skill ecosystem. NSDC assistance (Equity/ Grant/ Loan) is sanctioned to any form of legal entity including but not limited to Company/ Society / Trust as per the process and applicable laws and guidelines. The monitoring policy requires third party management audit of the funded entity after one year of funding. In all about 182 Training Partners (TPs) are covered for third party management audit for a period since inception. For administrative and logistics convenience they have been categorized in following zones:

North Zone

No. of TPs- 56, States- Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh

South Zone

No. of TPs-52, States- Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana

West Zone

No. of TPs- 36, States- Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan,

East Zone

No. of TPs- 30, States- Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Nagaland, Odisha, West Bengal

Central Zone

No. of TPs- 8, States- Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh,

2. NSDC invites C&AG empaneled CA firms (Consultants) for Third Party Audit of Training
3. The duration of the empanelment is 2 years from the date of signing the contract. The draft
Terms of Reference (ToR) is appended below.

For more details contact:

National Skill Development
Corporation 301, 3rd Floor, West, Wing, Worldmark – 1, Aerocity, New Delhi – 110037

Contact: National Skill Development Corporation, Telephone: +011-47451600-10, F: +91-11-46560417

Image removed.Free opportunity to participate in Intending seminar at Hotel Shereton, behind Pune Railway station.on 19th May 2018,,

Infeneon Seminar

Contact: Vilas Rabade, Email:

We have  20 Third year students available for short internship from 29th May to 20th June and 22 BE students from 8th June to 7th July .

All these students would be pre-mentored by me about the electronics industrial processes and need to make best use of internship time for win win approach for industry as well as oneself. 

If you can kindly promise to take 2 students each for trying out such mentored internship approach, we would soon be able to create excellent engineering workforce for future growth . Please mention the type of process in workflow, you would like students to get exposed  at your place so that I can pre select and prepare them to work at your place. Please send details of workplace address where they will need to report and name and contact details of person to be the contact point . Please pass this on to others in your network and book the students before 1st May so that we get time to do preparation phase activities with students

Contact: Ashok Saraf, Email:

Our company has got a world class manufacturing setup to cater to your all sourcing needs of EMS Activists (Electronics Manufacturing Service) on RoHS and Non-RoHS platforms. We are capable to do PCB Assembly of smallest SMD component of 01005 size to longest one of 150mm long. Our SMT setup has got all those things needed to carry out SMT production PCB Assemblies under 100 PPM Level as per IPC 610 Standard

Contact: Milind Thuse, Telephone: +91-20-6733 3444, 9822024928, Email: