The qualified wireman- control panel meets 32 performance criteria! Does your resource meet?

The qualified wireman- control panel

The qualified control panel meets 32 performance criteria’s aligned to international standards NCO-2004/7137.20 and NCO-2015/ 7411.0301. To supply certified manpower with Industry relevant skills, Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) has made a qualification pack (ELE/Q7302) for Wireman- Control Panel. The Wireman- Control Panel, play an important role in manufacturing of control panels. He reads the wiring diagram and routes and wires, various components within the panel in accordance to the diagram. His job role is to route cables and connect to various components in the panel in accordance with the wiring diagram developed by the design team. The job role is covered under NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework) level 3, and the minimum qualification required is 10th standard pass. 

The 32 performance criteria are,

  1. Identify work requirement (4 performance standards) 
  2. Wiring the control panel (17 performance standards) 
  3. Reporting to superior (3 performance standards) 
  4. Achieving productivity, quality and safety standards (8 performance standards)

Each candidate will provide 200 hours quality training on 32 performance criteria. The candidate will be certified by ESSCI after third party assessment.  

An effective Skilling  

Training and certification of new candidates  

The manufacturers will now get fully trained, ready to place & perform, reliable ESSCI certified candidates. The ESSCI training partner provides competency based training to individuals. This is a Skilling for performance!

The competencies of existing workforce  

To align the competencies to the standardized National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) of experienced workforce, the employee will go under an assessment process. The process used to evaluate a person's existing skill set, knowledge and experience gained either by formal, non-formal or informal learning. Commonly this is known as RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). RPL can be done on Employer's Premise, and has no cost to the employer.

What is Next? 

TALK TO ESSCI about your requirements of Skilling, Up-Skilling of your organization!  
Subject Matter Expert (SME) from ESSCI (Electronics Sector Skills Council of India) will guide you.  

Contact ESDM training partner:  
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