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India’s biggest electronic cluster project set to take off at Bhosari, Pune. 

MCCIA Electronic Cluster Foundation (MECF) plans to have five facilities in the Common Facility Center (CFC) at Pimpri. 

 *Request a few minutes of your time to indicate which of these facilities you are currently using / Likely to use, once the CFC is functional.*  

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Purchase Complete Technology- Blood Pressure Measuring Device Run through Your Laptop & Android Phone

A unique Blood Pressure Measuring Instrument which can be linked to your computer/ Laptop/Smart phone device, and you can check/know your Blood Pressure and the reading will be visible on your Computer/ Laptop/Android Smart phone screen.

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India has potential to become the largest market of electric mobility by 2030, says Mahesh Babu

CEO of Mahindra Electric, India's first EV manufacturing auto firm, Mahesh Babu is optimistic about the mobility transformation happening in India at the moment. In a conversation with ETAuto he said that the country has immense potential to realize this new opportunity. He believes that with the proper sync of government and industry, the country can become one of the largest electric vehicle markets by 2030.

News: ETAuto, The Economic Times.

Economic overview & Manufacturing trends in India

Prepared by, BDB India Private Limited

Macro-economic overview

India’s economy is picking up and growth prospects look bright partly thanks to the implementation of recent policies, such as the nationwide goods and services tax. As one of the world’s fastest growing economies accounting for about 15% of global growth, India’s economy has helped to lift millions out of poverty.

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Pune

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C-MET is a well known and unique R & D institution rendering stupendous service to the nation in the niche area of electronic materials for over 28 years. C-MET continues to excel in its commitment embark on R&D for strategic, commercial and social sectors and also successfully molding the young and vibrant researchers along the path of requirement driven R&D. 

Rs 1 crore ISRO's lithium ion cell technology gets overwhelming initial response

Somanath said the ISRO makes lithium ion cell batteries of various sizes and power (1.5 ampere to 100 ampere) to power its rockets and satellites.

Over 130 companies have shown interest in the Indian space agency's lithium ion cell technology and the pre-application conference will be held on Tuesday, said a senior official.

CapacitySwap: bring companies together and assist them to find the right kind of match

Manufacturing capacities

IL&FS is associated with the industry as well as government in facilitating growth and competitiveness of the manufacturing sector as well as creation of industrial infrastructure. At the same time, employment generation has also been one of our key focus.

‘सामान्य माणसाची कार’

‘सामान्य माणसाची कार’ म्हणून आपल्या सगळ्यांनाच रतन टाटांची नॅनो माहितेय, पण आपल्यापैकी खूप कमी लोकांना ही गोष्ट माहित असेल की अशा प्रकारचा प्रयोग देशात साधारणतः ५० वर्षापूर्वीच झाला होता. अगदी नॅनो पेक्षाही छोटी आणि नॅनोमध्ये असणारे जवळपास बरेचसे फीचर्स असणारी कार १९७५ साली मुंबईच्या रस्त्यावर धावली होती. ही कार ‘मीरा’ या नावाने ओळखली जात असे आणि ती कार बनवली होती एका मराठी माणसाने. शंकरराव कुलकर्णी त्यांचं नांव. विशेष म्हणजे शंकररावांचं शिक्षण फक्त सातवीपर्यंत झालेलं.