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The qualified wireman- control panel   The qualified wireman- control panel meets 32 performance criteria! Does your resource meet?  

The qualified control panel meets 32 performance criteria’s aligned to international standards NC

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डायरेक्ट टू होम, डी टी एच सैट टॉप बाक्स   डी टी एच सैट टॉप बाक्स इंस्टॉलेशन एंड सर्विस टेक्नीशियन   

टैक्नोलॉजी के मामले में टेलीविजन ने आज काफी तरक्क़ी क्र ली है | जहा पहले एंटीना और केबल के म   >> read more  

HVAC Systems are one of the most important considerations while constructing a building, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.   High on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)  

The near future for HVAC Technicians is pretty good due to the rising need for energy efficient H

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Ozone Layer   IST Environment & Skill Development Ministries Sign MoU to train one lakh RAC Service Technicians  

Under green initiatives and commitment to environment and climate change, Union

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IOT companies and IOT experts! your support is required!  

Electronics Sector Skills Council of Indi

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China drafts rules to track electric car battery output, use  

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NAPS   Apprenticeship in India- Creating a job ready work force !  

What is Apprenticeship training?

  • Apprenticeship Training is a course that comprise
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NAPS- National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme Guidelines   
  1. Act 1961 regulates the program of training apprentices in the industry for
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